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Retail Connect

Retail Connect International Summits are the unique combinations of relevant conference program and high-tech online tools which are both created for productive personal negotiations on supplies on different markets in a business space of Reed Exhibitions' show, the world's leading events organiser.

Cosmetics in Russia

InterCHARM Premium

InterCHARM Mentorship

Educational program for young beauty industry graduates as part of InterCHARM.

The program can be attended by students of educational institutions located and registered in Russia that have a valid license to carry out educational activities for retraining and advanced training programs in the"Cosmetology" in the amount of 576 and / or 144 hours.

Graduates and applicants who have graduated or are still studying at educational institutions and centers authorized in the program participate in the extended program of the show visiting.

InterCHARM Gold Medals

The Beauty Team of Russia

Komanda Krasoty (the Beauty Team) is a project for those who create beauty with their own hands, who with their extraordinary decisions and unexpected approaches turn appearances into masterpeaces. In the project, we value Masters and not their models. We want the public to witness who stands behind every work. Authors of the best works get a unique chance to be recognized and  - this is a moment of pride for absolutely every professional in hairdressing, nail service and visage!

NAME Influence InterCHARM Award

NAME INFLUENCE InterCHARM AWARDS  is a special project for the best beauty influencers nominated by the audience! The award was created and organized by the team of legendary InterCHARM - beauty project No. 1 in Russia.

For the first time, InterCHARM launches the NAME INFLUENCE InterCHARM AWARDS, where you choose outstanding beauty bloggers who have had the greatest impact on you, your work and creativity!


InterCHARM RSVP is a series of small events where you can see firsthand the main formats of the project: master classes, public talks and meetings with influencers.

Why RSVP? The answer is simple: you can visit the event only if you are on the list. The venue and time of the event will be sent only to the invited guests.

* By number of exhibitors among exhibitions of a similar profile