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Sun care segment has not undergone any significant changes or appearance of bright novelties. Since 2012, despite the relatively strong growth (+ 6% in turnover compared to 2011 - according to Euromonitor), the growth of the category is starting to slow, which is a clear sign of market saturation. The main driver of the segment remain self-tan due to desire of women to have bronze skin, not only after the holidays. Many customers find that self-tanns are much more accessible and safer than solarium.

One of the key distribution channel for sun care is pharmacies – 55 brands and about 430 SKU are sold there. The retailers, particularly federal chains, launched the sales of sun care cosmetics as early as at the end of winter.  For example, some brands appeared on the shelves not in April or May, as usual, but in February.  Moreover, on top of traditional market leaders, i.e. multinational companies Beiersdorf and L'Oreal had a considerable display in the stores.

There are several reasons for that.  Firstly, the customers remain very price-sensitive and prefer to buy good quality stuff at more affordable price.  Secondly, the Russian producers have responded to the demand and offered some product lines to the market whose quality is not inferior as compared to well promoted foreign brands.  Thirdly, the development of retail formats, in particular the emergence of new drogeries and their expansion, enabled the domestic producers of sun-protection cosmetics to present a wider range of their products to the consumer and to funnel the raised moneys into the product range diversification. 

People are becoming more educated on the issue of protecting the skin from harmful sun rays. Consumers have realized that tan - not a harmless phenomenon, and the threat to health. They understand that a reliable sunscreen - a necessary attribute and cosmetic companies launch products with sunscreens designed for everyday use. Especially popular are the day cream with SPF-filters. Russian consumers are looking for products that contains natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.



Perhaps the most saturated segment of the market "solar" cosmetics is a mass segment. It is available for most consumers, sold in pharmacy chains and other retail outlets (supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialized stores, etc.). In this segment, successfully competing with each other brands such as Nivea Sun (Beiersdorf), Garnier Ambre Solaire (L'Oréal), Yves Rocher, as well as the products of Russian companies - Kora, Floresan, professional cosmetics manufacturer Salon Cosmetica, direct sales Mirra and Faberlic and others.

It seems that only local company Floresan can offer the widest line of sun care among national manufacturers, which comprises more than 20 products.  A series of two- and three-phase oil for immediate and safe tan, solid oil Body Butter line, products for the body after sun series Panthenol and a variety of sunscreens - this is not a complete list of assortment.

According to different surveys, the level of trust to Floresan products is very high.  The consumers evaluate the product range as more attractive as compared to the offers of foreign manufacturers emphasizing that the formulae contains ingerdients for oily problem skin, which are not offered by other producers.

According to company’s experts, the category of sun protectors enjoys the highest popularity among their products; the second place is occupied by tanning activators, after-sun cosmetics demonstrate a slightly lower demand and tanning accelerators have a noticeable lag.  Recently, the Russians tend to give preference to multi-function products, the so-called “two in one”.  Depending on the region the popularity in this category varies.

A series of sunscreen products is designed to protect from direct sunlight and getting even tan with effective UVA/B filters, prevents the occurrence of sunburn, redness and inflammation, promotes the natural production of vitamin D in the skin, and also has a water-resistant properties. Universally suitable for all skin types in children and adults. Among the most interesting products should be noted after sun lotion against burns with moisturizing cream-gel protection against the sun with SPF 12 for oily and problem skin moisturizing gel with aloe vera after sun against burns.

The recent launch is in quite unusual product format - cream nectar to produce a deep tan from Floresan. The product provides a deep dark golden skin tone due to the special complex, enhances the natural tan. Natural antioxidant ingredients protect the skin from the harmful UV rays, preventing the pigmentation. Mango butter and cocoa moisturize and soften the skin, preventing the appearance of dryness and flaking. The skin gets the final color of a natural tan in 5-6 hours after a session in the solarium.



Sun Spray SPF 20 (Kora company) protects skin from UVA/B rays, preventing sunburn and photoaging. Thanks grape oil and oil extracts of Calendula Spray intensely moisturizes and softens the skin, protecting it from drying and scratching. The result is a soft, velvety skin with a smooth, beautiful tan. Cream for face and body SPF 30 by Kora contains last generation filters, which in combination with the natural light-reflecting properties of extracts of clary sage, rowan and hawthorn have a powerful complex that provides a high level of skin protection against the full range UV-rays. Cream creates a subtle matte finish that keeps the skin moisturizing even during prolonged sun exposure. Protects the skin from sunburn, nourishes, softens and rejuvenates the skin, maintains its elasticity, neutralizes free radicals.

Sales of sunscreens are growing quite rapidly. Russian customers have more information about when and how to protect the skin. Together with medical research on the subject, confirming the increased risk of photoaging and skin diseases by UV, nude skin becomes fashionable.

Protecting hair from the sun is another trend. Manufacturers are developing special products to protect hair during sun bath (sun protective veil, jelly, sunflower oil with SPF) and after sun exposure (moisturizing sprays, masks, special shampoos "fitoplyazh"). In addition, we note a growing interest in children's sunscreen cosmetics. Baby products are often have colored texture and bright packaging to make children happy while using products.

Consumer behavior is changing. Consumers have become more aware of what kind of sun care is the most suitable for their tipe of skin. For example, many already know that not all sun cosmetics is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. A healthy trend of recent years - to use sunscreen in summer and in the cold season. This applies not only to the people who are leaving for a vacation to a warmer climate. Winter sun is dangerous as well and people use skin care and makeup with a light SPF.

Some experts predict that economic slowdown will influence the sun care segment as many people will stop travelling abroad for summer vacation. However, this factor will not dramatically decrease the volume of the market. Inspite of coming to abroad Russians are willing to spend thier time at the local resorts in Sochi and Krasnodar kray, Crimea and Southern regions.

Another factor that is supposed to support the sun care is changing climate that becomes warmer and the more agressive sun. Good news are coming and from Turkey and Egypt tourism business. These countries are the most favourable for the Russian travellelers. Turkey hotel operators are going to save the last year prices for the Russian consumers. Ministry of Tourism of Egypt will soon announce new measures to attract Russians to resorts, including the transition to ruble accounts with tourists from Russia. In addition, Egyptian authorities may has canceled the visa fee from 15 January till the summer period. All these and other factores witness that sun care will be dynamically develop.


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