The Russian market continues to develop according to its own rules. Paradoxically, despite the overall decline in purchasing power in 2014-2015, the Russian SPA salons did not complain of customer churn. Moreover, in certain segments of the market customer activity even has increased due to the fact that traveling to Europe and Asia for spa services has become quite expensive. As in previous periods of crisis, consumer demand for wellness and relaxation programs remained stable.

Problems encountered domestic spa business have been associated with an increase in purchasing prices for cosmetic products. Nevertheless, the biggest trade show in Russia and Eastern Europe INTERCHARM professional that hold in April 2015 in Moscow demonstrated the enormous interest in the Russian market from the well-known and niche spa brands from all over the world.

The appearance on the Russian market brands of world-renowned spa and international spa operators can be regarded as a positive trend: experienced players come with ready standards of service, thereby raising the bar of extremely high service quality.

If we talk about trends in Russian consumer demand in the spa and wellness, we can note a gradual fading of interest in the exotic services and shift towards general health treatments. Among the leaders in the Russian salon services holistic techniques, working with the four elements, as well as detox programs. On a variety of options for detox programs Russian SPA is already superior to both European and American.

Sensing the attraction of the idea of a healthy lifestyle, cosmetic brands have begun to produce home series with the prefix "spa". The idea of "private resort in your bath room" has captured the hearts and minds of consumers: according to the observations of distributors and retailers popularity of such products are increasing tremendously.

There are vast of European spa brands on the Russian market. Some have operated for decade. Some have launched their collections recently.

Among domestic manufacturers are companies "Pervoye Reshenie", "Himros", "Lauren cosmetics", “Dve Linii”, "Veliniya", "Amidasol"…

A series of cosmetics «Spa Travel» by "Himros" is a combination of benefit and pleasure. Cosmetics based on natural oils and plants, and also contain minerals and other useful components.

Each of 6 lines contains a cocktail for the body, shower mousse, dry foam, pearl slim, "Perfume" tea and mineral baths. Beautiful and stylish packaging makes them a perfect birthday present or any other holiday.

The company "Dve Linii" from Altai region of Russia manufactures a natural cosmetics with a scientific approach. The company's products is the result of a successful combination of natural ingredients and modern technology. “Planet SPA Altai” is a collection of SPA-procedures at home: nail and hand care, body, hair and face care. Hair growth lotion nourishes scalp skin, strengthens hair roots and promotes better growth of hair. Active ingredients: pro-vitamin B5, extracts of red pepper, violet, lime, nettle, horsetail, burdock, ascorbic acid, essential oils of cinnamon and cedar.



Referring to the spa products for home care, we can not ignore stores the most implementing the concept of a spa. This is a small but very promising trend in the distribution of spa products. First home spa concept embodied in stores Bath & Beauty.

Now the chain has approximately 200 stores in Russia including 50 stores in Moscow and 20 in St Petersburg and has 62 franchise partners.

Found as Dlya dusha I Dushi (words play that translated For Shower and Soul) chain has been rebranded few years. All shops changed their name to Bath & Beauty, decoration and shop windows changed color. The new concept developed by French designers. The Bath & Beauty turn the chain into a modern boutique focused on premium, it demonstrates the following fashion trends.

The developers retained the chain logo – trees, but now it has become less prominent, more restrained. Avoiding the use of green entails shift in emphasis - do not have to talk about natural and ecological products of the brand, but rather about positioning as a premium. This feeling is supported by the use of appropriate lighting, soft color palettes and display of goods. Use the English name puts a brand in line with the well-known international chains.

The Bath & Beauty offers a wide range of cosmetics for health and beauty products for the bath and sauna, aromatherapy, items for home decorating. All cosmetic products are carefully selected in Germany, France, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Thailand and other countries. Most products are presented in stores exclusively.

Another player in the retail segment of the spa is a chain Bomb Cosmetics. Network name is derived from the English brand of the same name. Chain of stores offers all lovers of natural remedies for skin care and aromatherapy fans of natural cosmetics popular bomb for bath, natural handmade soap and many other environmentally friendly products.

Russian spa cosmetic market is developing quite successfully, and continually offers interesting new products that not only help to create the atmosphere of a spa at home (the main purpose of the spa cosmetics), and offer visible results and are struggling with certain problems. Action of innovative spa products based not simply on the impact of the upper layers of the skin, but also to work with skin cells (chronobiology), on the combination with pharmaceutical ingredients (cosmeceuticals) and so forth. And the main thing - the result should be combined with ease of use.

(c) InterCHARM Moscow, 2015

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