Concerning Euromonitor data, deodorants was one of the best performing categories within beauty and personal care in 2014. The category record a very positive performance in Russia, which was mainly due to the growing hygiene culture in regions of the country. The understanding of the importance of hygiene is changing in Russia, with an increasing number of people who are concerned about corresponding to worldwide standards.
Unlike other categories, the performance of deodorants was unique due to consumers’ loyalty to formats rather than brands. Due to the growing number of promotional activities and price offers, consumer were buying those deodorants that were on special offer at the time of purchasing. They were loyal only to the format of products, such as stick and sprays.

Within deodorants, the most important characteristic was protection. There were some consumers that cared about the various unhealthy additives in products, such as aluminium, but there were not many such customers. As a result, the category was not so much affected by demand for novelties.

Consumers considered roll-ons deodorants as the most effective, while manufacturers concentrated the most on development within this category. Deodorant sticks recorded a less dynamic performance, as these products, despite their efficiency, often leave white marks on clothes.



Unilever Rus continued to lead deodorants in 2014 with a 22% value share. The company was able to maintain its leading position due to its wide portfolio of brands, for which it has built a strong presence in Russia, as well as its cooperation with modern retailing and promotional activities. The company offers all major formats of deodorants, such as roll-ons, sprays and sticks, with its Rexona, Dove and Axe brands.

Traditionally believed, Russian producers will not be able to organize production of deodorants and hardly able to compete with the Western European brands. However, today the situation has changed dramatically. The growing demand for these products, the development of technology and production capacity brought to the market of domestic manufacturers. Nowadays many Russian brands – big and niche – have deodorants in assortment.

One of the largest manufacturers of aerosol products Arnest introduced to the market a new generation of highly secure antiperspirants Deonica. Collection includes 4 lines: Deonica for men, Deonica Nature Protection with alunite mineral, Deonica Pro-Zaschita with the action within 72 hours, Deonica Invisble, Deonica hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. All products do not leave marks on clothes, provide maximum protection and come in two formats: spray and roll-on.

The range Viking deodorants of other leading Russian producer Krasnaya Liniya designed specially for men. Active formula prevents unpleasant odor and gives a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Deodorant Viking Blue Ice provides control over perspiration, protects against odor. Bright, strong and energetic fragrance gives vigor and vitality. Viking Fresh Deodorant maximum protect against odor. Viking Sensitive designed for sensitive skin and gives the maximum comfort for 24 hours.

Euromonitor says, that natural deodorants continued to show growth due to health concerns; however, the share of such products remained very low, and they are not expected to develop further due to low awareness of the advantages of such products and poor belief in their effectiveness. Products with healthy positioning remained a very niche area within deodorants.

However, from year to year the launches of natural deodorants made in Russia have been increased. Local manufacturer from Siberia Don company produces cosmetics based on Siberian plant extacts and active ingredients.

Deodorant Etna is a completely new approach and a universal solution for preserving the freshness of the body and long-term protection from the sweat. It is based on 100% natural products – natural mineral salt mining and volcanic origin – Potassium alum. The mineral is widely used as in medicine as in cosmetics. Potassium alum provides maximum protection from the unpleasant smell of sweat. In addition, the formulae of the deodorant consists of extracts that enhance the action of the mineral: oak bark extract has a tanning effect due to the high concentration of tannin; chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect; CO2 extract of Siberian fir has a bactericidal action, is rich in vitamin composition. Product has no smell.

It does not contain preservatives, solvents, alcohol and other chemicals; leaves no white marks on clothing. It is safe and suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. The product eliminates the smell of sweat and prevents its appearance for a long time, relieves irritation of the skin, has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.



Natural mineral deodorant stick LAQUALE body (Persei company) with a pine extract is a solid single crystal in a special plastic container. It has a translucent crystalline structure with a light natural color shade. Pine reinforces the protective effect of a deodorant and have anti-inflammatory properties. It has a subtle natural fragrance of pine needles.

Farmtech company developed and brought to market a number of original products which have no analogues in the Russian market.
Algel is an antiperspirant with long-acting effect that regulates sweating and provides protection for 3 -5 days. It is safe and consists of plant extracts such as lemon, green tea and camomile. Algel for foot with aluminum hydrochloride is a medical deodorant with long-acting anti-fungal effect. Normalizes perspiration and eliminates odor.

MICHEL LABORATORY recently redesigned its foot care Dr. Foot. All products contain active ingredients that have functional curative and preventive properties, which brings them closer to pharmaceuticals. The line consists of five highly effective means to address cosmetic skin problems feet including deodorant spray refreshing and Liquid Talc from sweating and intense odor.

Few years ago Kristina Sudarevskaya with her husband Dmitry and their little daughters moved from Moscow to a tiny mountain village, Medoveevka, located ten kilometers away from Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. Medoveevka dwellers follow the ancient soap-makers' technology: they combine a mix of vegetable fats and a water solution of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) that provokes a chemical reaction. Various additives, such as oils, decoctions, milk, honey, etc., are added to the soap before it hardens. Kristina has been making soap for six years. She began with several bars – for personal use and for her friends. Now she makes about four tons of products in a year: soap, shampoos, gels, balms, scrubs and creams. All of them are supplied to spa salons, elite bath-houses, stores and outlets selling natural cosmetics. Soap from Medoveevka under the Krasnopolyanskoe Mylo brand name is also ordered by private clients from Russia and other countries.

The deodorant from Krasnopolyanskoe contains only natural ingredients, friendly to the human body and its system of sweating. Baking soda has a deodorizing effect and eliminates bad odor. Cornstarch gently absorbs excess moisture, protects and dries the skin. Shea butter nourishes it and has anti-inflammatory action. Cocoa butter support lipid balance. Beeswax has a complex effect, including in the area of irritation heals delicate skin of the armpit. It creates a weightless protective film that protects the skin without clogging the pores. Allantoin has a strong disinfectant properties. Deodorant softens and protects the skin, giving it a light floral scent.

Unlike the majority of categories within beauty and personal categories, deodorants is expected to record a positive performance over the forecast period, Euromonitor analysts are convinced. This is attributable to an increasing hygiene culture and growing health concerns among consumers. It is likely that consumers will continue to use traditional formats of deodorants, but they also will be open to trying new types of products.


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