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Euromonitor claims Russian body care is one of the accessible types of indulgence products and therefore Russians continue to increase their purchases of them. Women are ready to pay extra for premium facial skin care products, while they tend to look for cost-saving solutions for hand or body care products.

Looking into fugires from Euromonitor. Deodorants recorded 6.9% current value growth in 2014, which was lower than the current CAGR of 9% over the review period but higher then in 2013 (6.2%). This was due to the gradual saturation of the category. There was still a continuous inflow of new consumers, but this slowed down towards the end of the review period. Price increases were kept moderate due to the expansion of modern retailing and very high competition within the category.

Consumers considered roll-ons as the most effective, while manufacturers concentrated the most on development within this category.  Natural deodorants continued to show growth due to health concerns; however, the share of such products remained very low in 2014, and they are not expected to develop further due to low awareness of the advantages of such products and poor belief in their effectiveness.

Depilatories recorded a 7% current value increase in 2014, which was 1% more than in 2013. The gradual saturation of the category and the increasing accessibility of salon services led to more-restrained growth.

Women blades continued to record a positive performance in 2014, as these are perceived as timesaving products. They were also very important in the case of holidays due to their quick and easy use. These were the least painful and thus the most common way of removing hair from intimate areas and from sensitive underarm skin.

Consumers have considerably reduced spending on products that  they consider unnecessary for everyday and regular use, notably body firming and anti-cellulite products. Another factor affecting consumer spending habits was price, which especially impact on the anti-ageing and skin-protective category. On the other hand, there is a group of products that consumers do feel are necessary and are willing to spend money on, such as moisturizers.

More than 70% of Russian customers believe natural ingredients to be safe and suitable for skin. That’s why the market for organic cosmetics in Russia is on the rise: in 2014 it grew by 10%. Customers’ loyalty to pharmacy products is also very high.

Along with increasing concerns about appearance, more Russian women are looking for professional solutions for solving particular problems. Consumers are more often choosing special services for their face and body care. Anti-ageing procedures remain one of the most popular within the high range of services that were on offer. This had a negative impact on anti-agers sold through retail outlets. Sales of professional cosmetics to beauty salons may become an increasingly important niche area.



Russian market for SPA products is also on the rise. Numerous brands offer SPA treatment for home use: scrubs, masks, peelings, creams and shower gels, body milks containing sea salt and weed, clay, essential oils, mud, exotic plants and other ingredients.

However, the majority of customers consider SPA treatment to be a beauty ritual performed. According to the survey, 63% of clients take SPA treatment once a month, 25% – once a week and 12% – more often than once a week.
62% of clients visit SPA salons to relax, to calm their nerves and to rest while 34% love to indulge themselves. 15% believe SPA therapy can improve their health.

In the market of body care are actively developing Russian companies - "Pervoye Reshenie", "Magrav", "Fratti NV”, "Floresan".

Body care collection Health & Beauty Club from "Magrav" manufacturer is designed to give pleasure. Rejuvenating scrub ultralifting "Mango and wild berries" deeply cleanses the skin. Extracts of mango and wild berries tightens enlarged pores, strengthening the skin, slows down the process of aging, helping skin stay young for a long time. Cleans the skin from all kinds of pollution.

Laboratory "Narodny Promysly" has launched products based on natural plant extracts and essential oils complex "Banka for Foot". Thermobanya elixir for rough feet skin softens calluses and corns. Formulae contains golden mustache juice, extracts of horsetail, willow, urea and essential oil of cinnamon. “Relax – banya-elixir for tired leg" is a rapid relief for tired feet with horse chestnut extract, nettle, plantain and of bergamot essential oil.

In recent years, the range of "Fratti NV" company supplemented by several lines: Le vernissage des fruits (cream soaps), a series of "Phyto Banya" (fitoinfusion of plant extracts for bath) and Hammam Organic Oils (hair care and body care).

Collection "Phyto Banya" is a skin care program on the basis of healing herbs, natural vegetable and essential oils for health treatments. Powerful potential of herbs used for centuries to heal, plus eco-friendly vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing, beneficial effects on the skin, give beauty and health, bringing to perfection its appearance. Natural essential oils have a salutary effect on the entire body, positively affecting the respiratory system, blood circulation, soothe and improve the condition of the nervous system, can achieve harmony of body and soul.

Fitoinfusion "Calming" (collection "Phyto Banya") is enriched with lavender and peppermint essential oils. Therapeutic and healing effect of the bath and sauna enhances the use of infusions of herbs and essential oils. Warm air is filled with natural flavors, relaxes, eliminates anxiety. Essential oils of lavender and mint has a calming, anti-stress and antidepressant properties, provide complete energy relaxation, help cleanse the body from toxins , relieve skin inflammation.

Hammam Organic Oils collection captivates luxury and magic charm of the Middle East and the Maghreb. The unique combination of organic oils, extracts of herbs and spices. Old, time-tested recipes and innovative formula developed in accordance with the traditions of the hammam. Safe formulae does not contain parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and GMOs. Rich, melting texture, provide maximum penetration of the active ingredients in skin and hair structure.

Scrub Green Coffee Series Hammam Organic Oils has anti-cellulite effect. It contains green coffee, ginger, organic olive oil. Delicious Scrub effectively cleanses the skin, making it smooth and silky. Green coffee has a strong anti-cellulite effect, improves skin elasticity, prevents the appearance of stretch marks. The essential oil of ginger restores the energy balance of the skin, has a tonic and stimulating effect. Organic olive oil is actively moisturizes and improves skin elasticity.

The basis for a new line of Wild Siberica Natura Siberica skincare hands and feet were taken properties of wild plants in Siberia and the Far East. The high concentration of active ingredients has the properties of vitality, longevity and energy. New -

Lightening Hand Cream Wild Bear berry was designed to get rid of age spots. Wild Bear berry adapted to life in the arctic and subarctic climate. Berries are rich in valuable nutrients, oils and proteins. Due to the high content of whitening ingredient Arbutin bear fruit extract helps reduce melanin production and skin cell renewal. Brightening Hand Cream Wild Bear berry activates skin renewal, evening skin tone hands. Bear berry extract helps to reduce skin pigmentation, prevents further production of melanin, clarifying and updating it. A nice bonus - cream moisturizes the skin and smells of forest herbs and berries.

Body care segment is one of the biggest and most saturated. Having overcome the economic recession, the market is entering a new age expecting a 6-8% rise by 2018 according to Russian experts.

For the monent Russian customers act more rationally choosing the budget product and searching special promo for better price but some analytics that

Experts also predict consumers will return to buying more expensive premium skin care brands, which they tried to steer clear of during the recession, and estimate the segment volume will reach 2.4 bn euro by late 2015.

(с) InterCHARM Moscow, 2015

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