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According to the report Reports and Reports of the global cosmetics market, the number of Russian women attending beauty salons increased from 4% in 2000 to 40 % in 2014.

Competition in the beauty salon market today are very high, especially in the segment of the middle class. Fashion for express services is becoming more and more popular every day in the many shopping malls - manicure, express styling and even the  eyebrows and eyelashes styling.

Changes in currency exchange rates led to an automatic increase in the price of imported professional cosmetics. However, market players are confident customers of the beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine will be more at 20-30 %. About 20 % of all treatments that offer beauty professional clinics are not recommended for spring and summer. Laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation, chemical peels, fruit acid peels done in early spring or fall, because the skin after these procedures when exposed to sunlight is subject to pigmentation. Many postpone beauty salon visit on the cold season.

However, the market has room to grow. According to a study of one of the largest Russian distributors, included in the top three cosmetic industry, 25% of Muscovites and 20 % of St. Petersburgh’s choose to dye hair in the salon. This means that 75 % and 80 %, respectively, dye their hair at home.

Consulting company Step by Step, estimated Russian beauty salon market in 2012 about 120 million dollars. In 2013, according to preliminary estimates, it grew by 10%. If we consider that the degree of saturation of the market does not exceed 28 % in the next few years it will grow by an average of 7-12 % per year.

The more dynamical segment of the market is anti-age treatment, methods of facial and body rejuvenation. And surgical techniques are becoming more gentle and non-surgical (massages, peels, mesotherapy, fillers, etc.), by contrast, more radical.

Despite the fact that demand for rejuvenation treatment is popular among women, some men also use the services of beauticians.



They can be divided into three categories. Firs is metrosexuals, who are used to care about their appearance and have a certain status in society. Second, those who go out into the public space - for instance, politics or celebrities. They need to look good and to maintain an appropriate image. And, thirdly, it is a man whose wife or partner is much younger.

Reducing the age of customers who are visiting beauty salons and plastic surgery is another trend of the Russian market. According to Step by Step, leading are women aged 25-34 years. However, changes and consumer behavior in this market is obvious. The client becomes more selective in choosing products and cosmetic treatments, demonstrates a strong attitude towards innovations than ever before, trying to spend money more rationally, visiting salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine to promotions or coupon periods.The most popular cosmetic technology in recent years - contouring (31 %), biorevitalization (22 %), laser techniques (20%) and botulinum toxin (9 %).

The trend is gaining momentum - Russian professional cosmetics. If a few years ago domestic brands can be counted on the fingers of one hand, the current market has demonstrated a range of new and deserved the attention of professionals in the production of Russian brands. Russian companies as Academy of Scientific Beauty, Charm Cleo Cosmetics, Arkadia, Alpika, Salon Cosmetics, Alina Zanskar, Si-Ultra, Nanosintez, Teana, Mirra-Prof and Kosmoteros are engaged in salon cosmetics production; KORA Laboratory (brand New Line) and Geltech-Medica produce some lines of such products.  Meanwhile, the bar for entry into this market remains quite high. The production cost of professional cosmetics is ten times higher, and the payback period is much longer as compared to regular products. According to market players, a new brand would need at least three - five years to enter the salon market (for conventional cosmetics intended for retail this period is one year at the most).

Russian-made cosmetics lines can hit the happy medium by satisfying the most uncompromising demands of cosmetologists. Of course, not everything is smooth and optimistic for domestic players in the Russian salon market.

In terms of body and face care products, the professional cosmetics market has gained a new push for development. We see more and more brands. The demand for natural professional cosmetics is escalating creating a robust background for the companies offering innovative solutions to create products with highly efficient ingredients and new care programs.

Professional medical laser equipment R'ain Sense deserves attention, as it is made by a company which takes into account the needs of the market and combines innovative ideas, the latest scientific research and modern technology.
The company Ayun  develops and manufactures equipment for beauty salons, cosmetology center hardware. This modern devices for salons and beauticians with unique performance parameters such as miostimulyatory "Mioritm" and "Neoritm" apparatus for laser biorevitalisation RedLine, apparatus for iontophoresis "Elfor -K". A novelty in 2014 represented a real mini cabinet for a beautician called "Elmiks".
"Cosmetic Engineering" manufactures “+ Active” for intensive non-invasive cell therapy. Biocomplex of a low molecular hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, peptides and oligosaccharides used in programs with mezoroller in hardware techniques (microcurrents, ultrasound, cold laser, electroporation, etc.).

MagRuss operates on the market for 8 years. One of the most popular products for professional make-up is the innovative "Termomascara", which was created very carefully and thoroughly. It is the hallmark of the company. This development has been appreciated by many well-known make-up artists. The product has been produced in various countries in Europe and Asia. At the moment it 5 factories located in France, Germany, Poland, Russia and China, with modern equipment.

Most market players attributed the increasing demand for domestic products with its main advantage - price. However, there are some exceptions, and as we said above domestic can be very expensive.

An example of this is the line Suisse Aimant, which was created after 8 years of studying by the owner of the salon "Millefeuille" Elena Temirgalieva together with Swiss scientists and launched in the last year. Thus, the anti-aging cream 50 ml is 460 euro. The cheapest product is sold for 65 euro.

Russian professional cosmetics market is very diverse, it presents different in specifics and philosophy brands as international as the local. And clients have a very wide offer to chose the best product and treatment.

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