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The market of bath and shower products is one of the key segment where the Russian manufacturers have strong positions and can easily compete with  multinational brands. Local companies provide customers with wide assortment of all kind of products - from low cost till high end mass market and premium - as price as quality.

Euromonitor experts claim thet a year after year, Russians concentrate on premium and organic products as well as cosmetics positioned as natural. 

Bath and shower premium products, as well as premium segment on the whole, are gaining demand especially in large cities, where premium cosmetics chains such as Rive Gauche, Ile the Beaute and L'Etoile are well developed and residents have enough money to spend on premium brands. L'Occitane with a market share of 37% is the leader in premium segment of bath and shower products.

Similar to other product categories, consumers of bath and shower care are becoming more educated and better experts in a broad range of products offered by manufacturers and can now afford expensive things, so such properties as a natural and moisturizing ingredients as well as scents count more. Thereby, high price mirrors higher quality and additional properties of a product. Consumers have become much more aware of the impact on health and well-being inherent in various ingredients used in bath or shower products, and manufacturers try to respond quickly so as to meet the demand for products with natural ingredients and organic cosmetics. Specialized chains for bath and shower care like Dlya Dusha i Dushi, Stenders, Lush, The Body Shop and etc. have become popular in Russia for years. Consumers are still keen on products based on traditional Russian remedies and herbs. Concerning this the local company "Russkaya Kosmetika" launched this year bath care collection "Special series" with essential oils and plant extracts.



Russian consumers are not strongly focused on gender division of bath and shower products. In Russia, the share of specialized cosmetics for men is smaller than in Europe, although this segment is steadily growing and every year manufacturers launch new lines and products for men. Manufacturers amaze customers with new formats, scents and textures. Shower gel, bath foam, soap, scrub and even jelly and smoothie have found their place on home bathroom shelves.

According to "RosIndex" survey regularly conducted by Synovate Comcon, in 2013, 57% of Russians used bath or shower products. Most popular are shower gels (55% of users), second place belongs to bubble bath (18% of users) and 15% of Russians prefer bath salts. The consumer share expands in cold season (especially in winter). The average monthly consumer uses shower gel 15 times, bath foam - 5 times and bath salts - 4 times.

Residents of Moscow and South/North Caucasus Federal District are intensive shower gel users (61% and 63% respectively). Bubble baths are popular among residents in the Far Eastern Federal District (25%). The share of bath salt is significantly higher among residents of Moscow and Far Eastern Federal District.

The most popular bath and shower brands include Palmolive - 22%, Avon - 19% and Nivea - 19%. TOP-6 brands cover Dove, Timotei and Camay. Women use bath and shower products more persistently. Meanwhile, 37% of men prefer shower gels, 23 % - bath foams and 22% - bath salts. Among women, this ratio is 63, 77 and 78 percent respectively. An interesting trend in recent years is a higher consumption of bubble bath and salts among Russian men suggesting that today men and women tend to transform regular bath or shower procedure into a ritual seeking to cherish their bodies with nice texture or flavor. A

ccording to Step by Step GC, every sixth customer prefers to purchase products through individual consultants. Direct sales players have evident strong footholds in this segment, e.g. Avon, Oriflame, as well as Russian company Faberlic. In general, Russian bath and shower mass market is dominated by major multinational companies such as Unilever, Nivea, Palmolive and P & G. "Pervoye Resheniye", "Magrav", "Nevskaya Kosmetika", "Floresan", "Mylovarov" and "Lauren Cosmetic" belong to confident Russian producers in this segment.



Liquid soap is seen as the fastest growing category stimulated by two drivers. First, more and more people are migrating to liquid soap since it is easier to use and because liquid soap available on stock is virtually replacing traditional cake soap. Secondly, manufactures have some opportunities for diversification allowing to charge higher prices and stimulate higher sales of liquid soap. Cake soap sales depend on the success of liquid soap sales. Many manufactures seek to preserve and win new customers by making premium class soap or positioning it as a hand-made product.

Products with natural or organic components demonstrate the highest growth rate. Manufacturers in mass market segment have adopted the popular concepts of aromatherapy, spa and wellness reflected in product names, dressing and advertising. Obsession of exclusivity, naturalness and uniqueness of ingredients give a push to the segments of solid soaps, shower gels and bath products. For example, "Pervoye Resheniye" under Natura Siberica brand has reported a double-digit upturn. Thus, the producers realized that products based on natural ingredients or extracts will sell better versus other lines or brands.

Exfoliating body scrubs have a limited presence – mostly within the premium category. They are poorly presented in the mid-price segment; however a variety of aromatherapy products with chocolate, strawberry or mango flavors are popular there.

Cosmetic and perfumery market in general and bath and shower segment in particular demonstrate sustainable updates of offers in line with developing culture of cosmetic products use. Today, consumers tend to focus at unique properties of the goods and manufacturer’s skills in specific product properties. Companies try to meet consumer requirements by launching new products in the market.


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